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Each LifePod costs just $2000 to make and can save hundreds of babies’ lives. You can save a life by donating as little as $20.

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Marcel Rodeka Drums

Marcel Rodeka

Marcel Rodeka has carved out an exceptional career as a professional drummer. He fell in love with music at the age of 10 and got his first drum kit at aged 14 and has never looked back. At 19 he became a professional drummer, joining in the formation of international touring and recording act, Mother Goose, originally from Dunedin, New Zealand. He has been a professional working, drummer ever since.

For the last fourteen years he has been playing in his hometown Dunedin, with iconic group, Oxo Cubans. The Oxo brand of dynamic entertainment and quality musicianship covers a wide range of musical styles and is enjoyed by appreciative audiences from all over the planet. The band continues to keep Marcel very busy. He is also in demand as a fill in drummer for all manners of shows and recording sessions.

Over the last 18 years Marcel has built an enviable reputation as an inspiring drum educator. It’s here where Marcel challenges and shares with his students his many years of international touring and recording experience and his specialist knowledge and skills in all facets of being a drummer.

And as a drummer who once dressed up like a pixie and hurled speed and explosions at stadium crowds from behind his three bass drums, he is still, in 2021, totally at home living and breathing drums and educating others.

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OXO Cubans

The Oxo Cubans

During their diverse careers, Craig Reeves, Doug Wright & Marcel Rodeka have shared the stage with a variety of iconic national and international performers including Queen, The Bellamy Brothers, Tom T Hall, Johnny Ray, Max Merritt, Rob Guest, Brian Cadd, Ricky Scaggs, Jimmy Barnes, Joan Armatrading, Mother Goose, Emmy Lou Harris, The Dave Hole Blues Band, Blood Sweat & Tears, Tammy Wynette, The Flying Burrito Brothers and Sir Bob Geldof.

Based in Dunedin New Zealand since 1993, the Oxos brand of dynamic entertainment and quality musicianship covers a wide range of musical styles and is enjoyed by appreciative music fans from all parts of the planet.

The band’s philosophy is to involve, encourage and promote local musicians and crew, resulting in an Oxo membership of over 200 Dunedin artists and a number of New Zealand & Australian national and international performers.

Over the past 20 years Oxo musicians have been an integral part of the Dunedin arts community. They are long-standing performing members of the Dunedin Operatic Society, The Southern Sinfonia, The Fortune Professional Theatre, Calder Prescott’s Dunedin City Jazz Orchestra, The Dunedin Festival of the Arts, the University of Otago Contemporary Music Faculty and the award winning St Kilda Brass.

The band has established a strong bond with Dunedin and southern New Zealand through performances for community organizations including The Otago Community Hospice, The Life Education Trust, The Southland M.S. Society, Youth First, The Cancer Society, the Volunteer Fire Service, The Dunedin Santa Parade Trust, the Malcam Trust, the Regent Theatre 24 hour Book sale, the Dunedin New Year’s Eve Octagon Concert and other community projects.

It could be the core Oxo Trio playing a café gig or house party or the Oxo 4, 5, or 6 piece “Big Combo” packing the dance-floor at a wedding reception. The 16-piece Oxo Country Rock Roadshow playing the Rodeo Circuit or the Oxo Classic Rhythm & Blues Big Band headlining a music festival, civic concert or corporate event.

An Oxo Cubans performance guarantees the audience a great time of excellent music and lively entertainment.

Please check out their skills on Youtube by visiting The Oxo Cubans, recorded at the Chicks Hotel, Port Chalmers

For more information please visit The Oxo Cubans

Cancer Society

The Cancer Society

Your donation today will ensure Cancer Society can be alongside all New Zealanders when we’re needed most.

From free specialist advice and support for cancer patients, transport to treatment along with accommodation when undergoing treatment far from home – your support means so much to cancer patients and their families.

You’re also funding breakthrough cancer research and a prevention programme to protect our future generations.

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My name is Hannah Beer.

I am a New Zealand Fiddler, Teacher, Performer and Composer. I am currently teaching students all over the world online and absolutely love it!

I play and teach a variety of different fiddle styles including Country, Irish, Canadian, Scottish, & English, as well as my own compositions!

My fiddling career really started when I won the intermediate overall winner at a country music competition back in 2019.

Since then I have performed at many different events, including Gold Guitar Awards where I won the 2021 Intermediate Instrumental Section.

I absolutely love my job and hope to be able to spread the joy of fiddling to my students, and also to the audiences that I perform to! 

– Hannah Beer – New Zealand Fiddler, Teacher, Performer, & Composer – 

 Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Countryfiddler/

 Website: https://hannahbeercountryf.wixsite.com/hannahbeer

 YouTube Channel: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCvsnVbo0GyVJsnvJ6D67_og

 Instagram: @hannahbeerfiddler